Heads of SchoolsRoundtables

with Mary Beth Ricks
April 29, 2024

7PM-8PM PST, online

Guiding the Guides:

Pacing Guide for Cultural Studies:
Getting Ahead of Your Curriculum Planning
with Manju Goyal

March 5, 2024
​7 PM-8 PM PST, online

Materials Fair

with YOU & Your Fellow Montessorians
UP NEXT: March 16, 2024
​9:30 AM-12:30 PM PST, in-person
Bowman School,4000 Terman Dr, Palo Alto

AMS Traveling Symposium
requires separate registration and payment
Sat,Oct 21, 2023
8:00AM-4:00PM PST, in-person
​Valley Montessori School, Livermore

Workshop Schedule

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Annual Meeting

Sat, Sept 16, 2023

​9:30AM-12:30PM PST, ​in-person
Sundrops Montessori, San Jose

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​​​​Materials Fair

Become a presenter at the Materials Fair!
​Show off your fun variations and follow-ups.

​​​​​Unpacking Classroom Text
​with an ABAR Lens

with AaLeiyah DeSimas
Feb 20, 2024

7:00PM-8:30PM PST, online


​​BAMA Book Club
Understanding the Human Being:

The Importance of the First Three Years of Life
by Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro, M.D.
​next chapter startsOctober 19
7PM-8PM PST, online

Practical Life in Real Life:

Environmental Education

with Mirko Server

Sat, May 13, 2023​

9AM-12PM PST, in-person