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The Bay Area Montessori Association (BAMA) is a non-profit, volunteer professional organization dedicated to supporting all Montessorians in the greater San Francisco Bay Area by providing educational programs, outreach and social activities. BAMA hosts workshops and activities throughout the school year featuring local professionals and exceptional speakers.

What Can BAMA Do For You?

Get Inspired...BAMA provides workshop opportunities with continuing education credit.
Get Hired...BAMA shares job postings for available teaching positions.

Get Involved...BAMA provides networking opportunities with other local Montessorians.
Get Ideas...BAMA serves as a local resource for sharing of information.
Get Growing...BAMA advertises employment opportunities at your school.

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Our History

In October of 1997, a small group of Montessorians met to discuss ways of supporting the Montessori community in the Bay Area. They called themselves the Bay Area Montessori Association, or BAMA. Over the next five years, the group organized a number of seminars, workshops, and other events that were well attended by Montessori educators.

In February 2002, a second group of Montessori educators, recognizing the continuing need for enrichment workshops and networking support, met in order to establish an organization that could more effectively support Montessori educators. The group formally became known as the Bay Area Montessori (BAM).

In 2007, the newly formed Bay Area Montessorians (BAM), recognizing common goals and efforts, merged with BAMA in order to work together toward shared purposes.

Donate to BAMA

BAMA is a 100% volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose proceeds come solely from membership, workshop fees, and donations. All these proceeds fund quality and affordable local workshops, social gatherings, and outreach for our members and Bay Area Montessori community.

Bay Area Montessori Association is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible (Tax ID #20-8701364).

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